Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who the Hell Am I?

Winding our way home from a spa in the middle of Catskills, we decided to drop in on our old friends Sean and Gregory at bluecashew. Being a dab hand in the kitchen and a product designer by training, I always enjoying perusing the wares there and on this occasion, more than before, I got the sense that this is more than a store, it's an experience. I can't bring myself to call it an inventory, it's more of a collection and it's curated with profound insight of home function and exquisite taste for great design.

So, while I was gushing over the beautifully crafted Joseph Joseph range the supremely functional Viking products and all the Danish masterpieces (such as Eva Solo) that are difficult to find anywhere else, I asked if I could begin to exercise my product design chops by contributing to the Dose (this blog).

So, back to the title of the post: Who The Hell Am I? For a formal profile it's probably easiest to look at my Linked In profile and in brief I am Founding Partner and Creative Director of a digital agency called Last Exit based in New York City and London, UK. Born and raised in London I started my career as product designer and was lucky enough to work with agencies such as PDD. I have a deep fascination and passion for ergonomics and the human-machine interface. Something that is so critical in the design of kitchen products/accessories: high functionality and utility, safety and beauty.

I've guest lectured and critiqued at many design schools on both sides of the Atlantic and hold two degrees in Engineering/Product Design and 3d/Spatial Design - I never wanted to leave school! I love, love, love the great outdoors and think of my kitchen as a meditation chamber - it's so cathartic, no?

So, with Sean and Gregory's blessing and G's assistance, I'm going to post wee articles here from time to time and will focus my writing on the products and the designers themselves. Lovely!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The moral of the story is....

There is a Folk Lore Superstition regarding the giving of a knife as a gift. If the knife is given to a friend, money has to be exchanged as well. It is considered very bad luck to give a knife to someone with out exchanging money or the friendship will be cut by the knife.... Because of this superstition it is common that the gift of a knife be given along with a penny, nickel, or dime so that the recipient can give back the coin, thereby saving the friendship from being severed by the giving of the sharp blade. The exact origin of the superstition is unclear, but even today most people will include a coin with the gift of a knife. The moral of the story is far better to be safe than sorry.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Ice Cream Social!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Maxim is HOT for High Falls!

That's right! Our little Hamlet of High Falls, NY is featured in the July issue of Maxim Magazine! Look out....Maxim reports that High Falls is a hip place to purchase a home!

Who would have thought that our little hamlet had enough T&A to fill out Maxim....