Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Smells so Good?

Fruits and Passion's Cucina line is a delightfully fragrant collection of hand care and sprays for the Cook. Made with pure olive oil for that deep clean feeling and a never-ending hydrating quality. Not only do your hands feel clean and soft, but the Zucchini Flower and Truffle Repairing-Action Hand Cream doesn't leave behind that awful greasy feeling. Aroma Thyme BistroIt leaves your hands feeling like pure heaven. Also, the Fragrant Kitchen Spray is amazing! Making salmon or shellfish can sometimes make your kitchen and house smell very unappealing and who wants that when they are having company over? Nobody. With the Fragrant Kitchen Sprays you don't have to worry about what you are cooking. With just a few spritzes the smell is transformed into a mouthwatering scent that lingers for hours. It is not made to cover-up but to mix with what you are cooking to make a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests. We suggest the Lime Zest and Cypress Fragrant Kitchen Spray it adds just a touch of citrus for a crisp clean smell. Come on in and smell for yourself, there's a scent for everyone! So next time you plan a dinner party, need a house warming present, or fresh fragrance think of Cucina.