Monday, December 22, 2008

Kif Candy(Majoun) as told by Paula Wolfert

This past October 08 our home was shot by This Old House Magazine. As a "Thank You" I invited the TOH crew and folks that helped make the shoot happen over for meal at the old farm house on Bone Hollow Road. I asked Amy Rosenfeld, Creative Director, what sorta meal she would like? I suggested Moroccan, she loved the idea.

Gregory and I researched the Tajine meal and the recipes through Paula Wolfert's "Couscous and Other Good Moroccan Foods"(food stylist Roscoe Betsil suggest's that the cookbook is one of the best Moroccan cookbooks). Gregory spyed this little diddy which we prepared as an ending to a truly fun meal. I might suggest placing a sliver of Kif Candy on a peice of Dry Soppressa Sausage...savory and sweet on your palate. yummmmmmm

1 pound of Smen (Cooked and Salted Butter) in a casserole with plenty of water and about 3 cups stalks, seeds, and leaves of kif (Cannabis). After bringing it to a boil let it simmer 2 hours, then carefully strain it into a large, deep roasting pan. Then, throw away the stalks, seeds, and leaves and let the butter cool and rise to the top in the refrigerator overnight. Then place the butter in the casserole with 1 pound chopped dates, cinnamon, 1 tablespoon aniseed, 1/2 cup dark, heavy honey, and 1/2 cup each ground almonds and walnuts (these proportions are from The Hashish Cookbook). Then cook all this together until it gets very thick, bubbly and brown. Add some orange flower water and ras el hanout to taste, pack the majoun in clean jars.
*eat with care! enjoy and play fun music for hours of fun!