Monday, August 11, 2008

Joseph Joseph Colander

I'm pretty privileged that I have a decent sized apartment in Manhattan but as is typical, my kitchen is quite diminutive, so space is tight.  A few companies have begun to tackle this issue with space saving accessories using collapsable designs and highly flexible polymers/elastomers (plastics and rubbers).  There's no getting around cookware of course - not until someone develops a foldable stainless steel - but the clever chaps at Joseph Joseph have shown ingenuity in their innovation and saved me approximately 12 cubic inches with their Folding Colander.  I picked one up yesterday from bluecashew, while I was taking a drive with my dogs.  The colander is a cinch to assemble, comes in a single piece of polypropylene, folds and locks quickly and easily.  Collapsing it took a few practice runs to get the knack of but having it flat so I can store it with my cutting mats is brilliant.  The old metal colander went straight into my growing storage of old items that will fill my (future) summer house.  

I am interested in how long the seamless joints last - though I know that polyprop. is pretty durable I am a little skeptical - but I trust that sufficient testing was done in prototyping.  Honestly, if it lasts a year I'm happy to reinvest the $20 purely for the great design and the space I'm saving.

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