Friday, August 1, 2008

Eva Solo

Denmark's total population is less than half that of New York city and from these mere 5.5 Million people some of the world's greatest designers, engineers and scientists - and I was always led to believe that you needed sun to grow. The Danes are nevertheless, amongst the progress people on the planet and have, in many ways, defined contemporary architecture furniture and industrial/product design.

This prominence is felt at bluecashew and no more acutely punctuated by the Eva Solo range of home and kitchen accessories and tools. Just about two years ago I worked hard to track down a supplier of the Round Knife Magnets but I couldn't find one in the US, forcing me to import them directly from the great land of the Danes. The effort was worth it. Without knives on them, they're a work of art. Simple, subtle, beautiful. I've had people ask me what they're for and enjoy their appreciation as I pull a clean cleaver out of the dishwasher and plant it securely on one of the super strong magnets. Oh yes, the magnets are so powerful I managed to give myself a serious blood blister when installing them - I really must read instructions!!

In any small kitchen, space is of course of the essence and these compliment my sense of spatial efficiency.

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