Friday, April 10, 2009

Funky, fresh, functional... Joseph Joseph Delivers Fresh Designs with Function

Joseph Joseph continually brings us a stylish twist to our kitchen favorites. Every design has a new spin on it that is so creative, it really makes not only cooking fun, but your kitchen look funky, stylish and fresh...with functionality to boot! A colander is the hardest thing in the kitchen to store and the twin brothers certainly heard our complaints when they launched the Folding Colander. Aroma Thyme BistroNot only does it come in fabulous colors, it is one of the best colanders out there and dishwasher safe! It simply snaps into place and then unfolds to store flat and wash easily. Going along with the Folding idea, this spring they
are launched a Fold Flat Grater, another impossible storage item. A bKP favorite is certainly the Chop 2 Pot, small and large, which makes the task of transporting chopped items from your cutting board to your pot so easy, you'll even enjoy cutting onions
Aroma Thyme BistroAlso, there's a great new gadget for 2009, The Twisk, a single-handed mechanical whisk that makes mixing batter and whisking eggs as simple as pie! So come and see all that Joseph Joseph has to offer this spring it might just leave you wanting more!

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