Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come and get it!!! Jacques Torres for Valentines Day

VALENTINES DAY - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2009 is days away!!!

Jacques Torres is MR. CHOCOLATE! Jacques Torres specializes in fresh, hand-crafted chocolates that are free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Simply delicious, pure with wonderful combinations that satisfy your palete. Each one is perfectly sized for a full bite or as we prefer- place them on your tongue and let the bon bon do its magic, hmmmmmm. Oh yes! Perfect with a nice glass of red wine.

At bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy expect to find a signature boxed assortment of Jacques' Choice 12 Piece Chocolate Boxfor your significant other, husband, wife, mom, dad or admirer. Do stop by and pick up your 12-piece box set for $22.00. Jacques' Choice box contains a hand picked selection of his choosing so you can expect to find a selection from one of following: Love Potion #9 (secret recipe for pure dark chocolate ganache), Love Bug (key lime ganache kissed with White Chocolate), Chai Tea (milk chocolate ganache with Indian spiced tea), Almondine (crushed candied almonds with Jacques signature on top), Alize Hearts of Passion (fresh passion fruit with Alize Liquor) Heavenly Hazelnut (fresh ground hazelnuts in milk chocolate), Got Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate ganache with a kiss of Cognac), Wicked Fun (chocolate ganache spiced up with ancho and chipolte chiles) & Grand Cru (fine red wine complemented by rich dark chocolate to name a few.

Jacque Torres is on of the world's leading experts on chocolate and pastry. He is respected for his innovation and creative talents as well as his sense of adventure and passion for fun! Jacques says, "Chocolate is an absolutely magical food. It can be white, milky, or deep, dark brown. It is sensual to work with and to savor. And, it is good for you!" - Gregory Triana

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