Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Power of Dessert

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at The Bear Cafe in Woodstock with, the always fun Diane O'Donnell from Alessi. Dinner was fantastic and well our waiter (hey Jeffrey!) was fun and totally fit in with our crazy crew!

Although I could go on and on about the Filet, Salmon, or the amazing Thai Halibut, it is the dessert that has proven to be most memorable....

Imagine this, stuffed from the salads, apps, and entrees, barely able to breathe and yet a peek at the dessert menu and somehow the 4 of us found more room! Now, The Bear Cafe has one of the most amazing Creme Brulee that I have ever had know what I was having with my coffee! Diane went for something different, a dessert I had never heard of, the name didn't have chocolate or creme in it so it didn't interest me! Boy, am I glad she picked it....the Almond Trajapani, although not up my alley, was delicious! It Reminded me of my Auntie Evy's Mun Cookies (although now that I look at the recipe they are completely different things all together!). As I was trying to explain to Sean and Gregory what a Mun Cookie was, Jeffrey,our spunky waiter, jumped in and exclaimed..."It's like a Tishpishti!" Now, I don't know if you are like us at all, but when someone shouts a word like Tishpishti....WOW! We lost it. I mean Tishpishti, it sounds silly and well, a little dirty to me! So, as we sat at our table repeating 'Tishpishti,Tishpishti,Tishpishti' like some kind of mantra, I thought to myself, this is how dinner should be....Good food, Good friends, and a whole lot of Tishpishti!


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